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Herb Walks and Courses

Here's some of the upcoming events. If you'd like any more information, please contact me at

10 Day Gentle Spring Herbal Detox

A gentle Spring detox to cleanse after the winter, starting in conjunction with the Spring Equinox; a symbolic moment to purify the body.

£75 (includes £50 worth of herbs!)


After a light supper the night before, we will begin a 10-day detox through a diet of elimination. On the first 5 days, we will be eating solely raw foods, complimented by herbal mixes that help flush the liver and lymphatic system to help the detox along its way. After this, we will reintroduce the different food groups, noticing how the body responds. There will be three online sessions–one at the beginning, middle, and end–designed to help you along the journey and to answer any questions that may come up. 


The Spring Equinox is a potent time to detox our bodies, moving from the darkness into the light, the winter into the spring. It is also around this time that different detox herbs spring up from the earth, including dandelion and cleavers, herbs that are known for that their detoxifying qualities. The herbs will be given in tinctures (and will be worth £50), unless you are not able to have alcohol, in which case we will provide tablets. Please specify which you'll require upon booking.

18th March to 28th March

Introduction 14th March 7-8pm 

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You are guaranteed to feel great, lose some weight, and leave feeling energised, rejuvenated and ready for the spring. Please email to book your space.

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Herb Walk in Forest Row

Sunday 24th March 2024 11am to 1pm

Tickets: £25 per person (exchanges available).


Join us for a herb walk to forage and learn about the magic of herbs.

The day will start in the apothecary, 5 minutes from the centre of Forest Row. We will have a herbal instant boost and see what is coming up in the herb garden, followed by a walk and forage in the local area, where Rachael will share her wisdom on the medicinal properties of the different plants that we see. We will finish with a herbal tea from the herbs that we have found. Please email to book your space.

Adaptogens & Nervines

Thursday 28th March 2024 5pm to 7pm

Tickets: £35 per person or £30 if on the Spring Detox (exchanges available).

Snacks & herb tasters included


Learn about how my favourite category of herbs. Adaptogens and nervines can help us through the stresses of life without burning ourselves out. 

With an increase in detrimental stress-related illnesses, these categories of herbs can help us cope with the challenges of the modern world.


Come and learn about a wide range of herbs to help you energise, calm down, and increase your resilience in lifeThis will be an interactive workshop where we will taste and get the feel of a variety of wonderful herbs. We will discuss the properties of the herbs and how you can use them for your wellbeing. Whether you need to wake up or calm down, we will find the right herbs for you.


Some of the herbs we will meet: Schisandra, Licorice, Borage, Astragalus, Rhodiola, Rehmannia, and the various Ginsengs (Eleutherococcus, Panax, Withania, Codonopsis), Melissa, Skullcap, Chamomile, Californian Poppy, Wild Lettuce, Passion Flower, Valerian, St. Johns Wort & lots more!

Spaces are limited. Please email to book your place.


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Adaptogens: a substance that increases the body's resistance or adaptation to physical, environmental, emotional or biological stressors and promotes normal physiological function.

Nervines: a substance that improves the tone, vigour and function of the nervous system. Nervine tonics relax and energise the nervous system. 

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