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Sort Your Life Out Kit - 200ml x 5

Sort Your Life Out Kit - 200ml x 5


Number 1 - Milk Thistle - Regenerates the cels in your liver and clears your head - Especially brilliant the morning after indulging.


Number 2 - Schisandra - The five flavour berry, the peel and flesh are sweet and sour, the seed is pungent and bitter and the whole fruit is salty. Because it has all of the tastes it benefits the 5 yin organs - the liver, spleen, kidneys, heart and lungs. It mops up excess toxins and hormones and helps process them in your liver. It is an interesting adaptogen which has duel effect on the nervous system being a mild central nervous system stimulant and also calming, relieving anxiety. It can help prevent immune system depletion caused by stress.


Number 3 - Siberian Ginseng - Supports your immune system and is also an adaptogen giving you energy and get through the stresses of life without burning yourself out. Ideal for those people burning the candle at both ends likely making them feel better, perform better and recover more quickly.


Number 4 - Party Time Love Potion - Contains Panax Ginseng and Cola nut which give you lots of energy and stamina. Blended with Rose, Chocolate and Damiana which makes it soft and squidgy.


Number 5 - Winter tonic - Made with handpicked, wild, foraged Elderberries used for their antiviral activity, Echinacea to boost your immune system, Camu Camu which is high in vitamin C and honey to soothe your throat and make it really tasty. It is a truly magical brew blessed with Stories, Poems, Music, Laughter and Love. It makes everything feel better.


Love Drops - Make you smile from the inside & feel the love

Chill out drops - For Courage and Protection




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