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Gift Box - Sort Your Life Out Kit - 50ml bottles x 4

Gift Box - Sort Your Life Out Kit - 50ml bottles x 4


Number 1 - Milk Thistle - Regenerates the cells in your liver and clears your head - especially brilliant the morning after indulging.


Number 2 - Schisandra - Mops up excess toxins and hormones and helps process them in your liver. Also as an adaptogen gives you energy and helps gets through the stresses of life. Also full of antioxidants it keeps you young !


Number 3 - Siberian Ginseng - Supports your immune system and is also an adaptogen helping with life’s little stresses. 


Number 4- Winter tonic - Made with Elderberries an antiviral, Echinacea to boost your immune system and honey to soothe the throat. It is a truly magical brew made with handpicked berries blessed with stories, poems and music during its creation. It makes everything feel better x


 Love drops - Make you smile from inside & feel the love x

 Chill Out drops - Give you Courage and Protection x


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