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Wedding and Celebration Packs

Confetti Cones
Lovers Bath Bag
Confetti Boxes
Lovers Bath Bag and Tea
Wedding Presentation Box
A flurry of flowers from Nature’s tree
Blesses your marriage for all to see:
Five sacred petals, a potent charm
Five wishes, five meanings, a heavenly balm.
Rose for Love, a white dove descending
Lavender’s freshness for Joy never ending
Sweet Chamomile’s smile, a promise of Wealth
Calendula’s token, the gold of Good Health
And Passion Flower’s purple, the pure pleasure of Friends
Are just a few of the messages Blossoms Blessings send.
So be showered, empowered, and drink deep of these treasures
And may your union be fruitful -
for now and forever    

Blossom Blessings come in two halves.



Firstly the confetti itself is made up of five flowers:


Five flowers ~ Five meanings ~ Five Wishes


Rose ~ for Love

Calendula ~ for Health

Lavender ~ for Happiness

Passion flower ~ for Friendship 

Chamomile ~ for Wealth 


The confetti comes in pretty pillow shaped boxes with a poem explaining the idea. 


The second part is a gift for the bride and groom.


It is a Heart shaped box covered in the same flowers and inside has a bath bag with the same flowers inside, to bath together in the good wishes, Two tea bags also containing the same flowers, to drink the good wishes together, some loose petals to sprinkle around marriage bed to sleep with all the good wishes, and some love drops and chill out drops, which people find especially useful in the build up to the wedding. Also in the box is a smaller heart shaped box containing the seeds of the flowers so they can grow the good wishes together.

So basically first the good wishes are thrown on the couple, then they can bath in them drink them sleep with them and grow all the good wishes together.


 Contact me for your personal price and package.



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